Recipe: Fried Ravioli

If you are looking for a delicious restaurant style meal but don't want to spend the money or wait in the lines, look no further. I am a fan of all Italian food.  I could eat it for every meal, every single day without complaint.  This ravioli is one of my favorites.

This dish can be made with any type of ravioli.  Just buy your favorite at the store, or if you have the time, make it from scratch.  I just buy mine frozen and cook it off for just a couple of minutes before coating them in buttermilk and breadcrumbs.  It takes just a couple of minutes to fry up and then you have a meal you can take pride in.  If you want to mix it up a bit, use these for appetizers or add them to a salad. Delicious!

Fried Ravioli

1 bag frozen cheese ravioli (about 24 pieces)
1 1/2 cup Italian style bread crumbs
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 cup buttermilk
Oil for frying

1. Cook ravioli until al dente. Cool.
2. Heat oil to approximately 350 degrees.  
3. Dredge ravioli in buttermilk and then bread crumbs.  Gently place into hot oil and fry until golden brown, about 2-3 minutes.  
4. Once ravioli are browned, sprinkle with additional grated Parmesan cheese and I hope you enjoy these!

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