FYI: asparagus

-There is a recipe for cooking asparagus in the oldest surviving book of recipes, Apicius's third century AD De re coquinaria, Book III.
-Asparagus is a vegetable native to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia.
-Asparagus originates from the ancient Greek or Persian word “asparag” which means sprout. It was given this name because it is one of the earliest , if not the earliest , harvestable fresh vegetable in many parts of the world.
- Three seasons pass before the asparagus plant can be harvested. In its first season of growth, a crown forms with six inches of root. In the second season, the crown grows into a fern. Asparagus can be harvested in its third year, and reaches its prime after 6-8 years, when it can yield as much as one to two tons per acre when grown commercially.
- The asparagus plant is a member of the lily family, which also includes onions, leeks and garlic.

Stay tuned for a fantastic Spring Asparagus Soup recipe that will be featured in our restaurant.

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KMO said...

I loved the Asparagus soup. any chance it is coming back or a recepi will become available?