destination: Amsterdam

For me, Amsterdam is the most European of the famous European Capitals. Maybe it’s because it combines so many of the best attributes of its more famous cousins: the canals of Venice, the side-walk cafes of Paris, the architecture of London, and the reserved sophistication of Berlin. You could say it’s unlike any other European city and at the same time, just like every other European city. I had been here twice before and was captivated by the city and especially with the artwork of the Dutch Masters (My absolute favorite is “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt). I couldn’t wait to see it again, but since it was spring, we decided to first spend a day in Dutch countryside visiting its famous tulip fields. With rows of flowers as far as you can see—they seem too beautiful to be real. It’s as if you are in a painting and the artist has surrounded you with the most beautifully vibrant colors. The only reality check came for the constant rain. So, when we got back to Amsterdam we were cold, hungry and looking for something to warm to eat. Earlier, we had seen a small soup café and it seemed the perfect remedy. I had a delicious pea soup and it really hit the spot. For me, it was the epitome of Amsterdam, because it tasted like soup I had eaten so many times before, but at the same time it was like no other soup I had ever tasted. What a great way to end a great day in the European city that is Amsterdam.

—Zupas Aficinado

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