Sweet Vidalia Onions

Oh how sweet the sound (and taste) of a Vidalia onion. I'm thrilled that they're popping up at the grocery store. The sweet taste of this onion reminds me of the South and Southern Cooking. With the onion being the oldest vegetable known to mankind, they've found their way into almost every cuisine and culture. My personal opinion, America should be proudest of the Vidalia.

*Vidalia onions originated in Toombs, Georgia.
*In the 1940's the state of Georgia built a farmers market in the city of Vidalia which greatly aided in spreading the word about "those Vidalia onions" which is how they got their name.
*By the 1970's the Vidalia onion had become so popular that it merited its own festival.
*Every year an estimated 15,000 acres is planted of Vidalia Onions.
*They are harvested typically from late-April to mid-June and all harvesting is done by hand.
*In 2003, the Vidalia Onion Museum was open to the public sharing information about all things related to this sweet onin.

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