destination: barcelona

Barcelona is one of my favorite European cities. To me it’s like a warmer version of Paris, but with beautiful beaches, great food, and very friendly people. It’s a city that I can spend days just walking the streets to absorb the history and culture of this great city. I especially love the buildings designed by Antonio Gaudi. With their crazy mix of curves, colors and designs, they are like nothing else I have ever seen. One of the days that I was there, I decided to spend the entire day visiting his architectural masterpieces. I had a fantastic time and before I knew, it was already late afternoon and I hadn’t eaten anything. I found this great modern café that only the Europeans seem to have and walked in. I was first served the most amazing bread that they rub with tomatoes and garlic and then toast. After eating what was probably and entire loaf’s worth, I ordered a bowl of cream of asparagus soup to go with it. I can honestly say this was one of the best soups I have ever tasted and I ordered even more bread to go with it. The combination of the two was absolutely out of this world. It was so good in fact that I spent half a day the next time I was in the Barcelona trying to find the same restaurant and when I finally did it was as good as I remembered.
    —Zupas Aficinado

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